Maura Flynn Portrait

Maura Flynn

Development Manager

Maura Flynn is development manager at the Niskanen Center. She has a background in journalism, public relations, film production, and political advertising. She has worked for Reason, NPR, and produced the nationally syndicated radio program “Profiles” for Radio America–which aired on over 100 stations, and won a Felix Morley journalism award for editorial writing. She was director of public relations for the Radio America Network and the Individual Rights Foundation (IRF), and served as managing editor for the IRF’s legal magazine, The Defender. Flynn went on to produce some controversial and critically acclaimed documentaries including Michael Moore Hates America, which received “Two-thumbs up” from Ebert and Roeper; Your Mommy Kills Animals, which Variety described as “a shockingly even-handed treatment of a snarlingly divisive debate”; and Hating Breitbart.