Brandon Valeriano Portrait

Brandon Valeriano

Senior Fellow

Dr. Brandon Valeriano is the Donald Bren Chair of Armed Politics at the Marine Corps University. He has published dozens of articles in such outlets as The Journal of PoliticsInternational Studies QuarterlyJournal of Peace Research, and International Studies Review and has also published five books. His two most recent books are Cyber War versus Cyber Reality from Oxford University Press (2015) and Cyber Strategy, also from Oxford (2018). Dr. Valeriano has written opinion and popular media pieces for such outlets as The Washington Post, SlateForeign AffairsBusiness Insider, and The Conversation, and has testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the U.K. Parliament.

He has extensive experience in collecting data and statistical analysis and is the creator of the Dyadic Cyber Incidents Dataset (DCID), which details malicious cyber events around the world. He holds a PhD and MA from Vanderbilt University in Political Science with a focus in International Relations and Statistics.